The 8 Very Real Stages of Back to School (for Parents)

Last week, my kids returned to school for what I hoped would be the chillest back-to-school season yet. With Boy Wonder ruling the school as a hot shot 8th grader and BooBoo nestling into the middleness that is 3rd grade, I just assumed we’d ninja our way back into academia with ease. And it seemed […]

6 Teacher-Recommended Ways to Combat the Summer Slide

Summer means a lot of things – fun in the sun, cookouts, and time with friends and family, but it can also lead to a loss of academic skill that your child worked so hard to acquire over the previous school year. The good news is that keeping academic skills sharp over the summer months […]

5 Government Resources Designed to Help Navigate Back-to-School Season

I’m feeling overwhelmed at the very thought of my kids returning to school exactly one week from today.  What with new teachers, never-ending classroom supply lists, and new curricula, going back to school is every bit as hard on parents as it is on kids. You already know there’s a lot to consider when it […]

Teachers Reveal What They Dread Most About Going Back-to-School

Who dreads going back to school more – the students or the teachers? Most likely the students, but that doesn’t mean returning to the school grind is easy on teachers. Aside from the seemingly endless preparations our teachers must make for the upcoming school year, they’re faced with the ongoing challenge of educating our kids […]

25 Affordable Kids’ Desks Just in Time for Back-to-School

It’s back-to-school season and you know what that means – back to setting the alarm, back to preparing school lunches, and back to everybody’s favorite pastime – homework. If your kids are like mine, homework gets done anywhere and everywhere between the kitchen table and the family room floor. And while it doesn’t much matter […]

12 Reasons I Refuse to Go Back-to-School Shopping

Go ahead, add one more tick mark to the bad mom column – I refuse to take my kids back-to-school shopping. Of course, I would have died a slow, OMG-worthy death if my mother would have made the same decision with me. Back-to-school shopping was the only thing that made going back to school worth […]

Are You Back to School Shopping for Preschool?

Are you going back to school shopping for preschool? I’m not and here’s why.