The 8 Very Real Stages of Back to School (for Parents)

Last week, my kids returned to school for what I hoped would be the chillest back-to-school season yet. With Boy Wonder ruling the school as a hot shot 8th grader and BooBoo nestling into the middleness that is 3rd grade, I just assumed we’d ninja our way back into academia with ease. And it seemed […]

Parents, Teacher Appreciation Week Isn’t About Us

As far as school years go, this one goes down in history. My son’s teacher and I got off to a rocky start. I wrote about it. The world read about it. And I felt compelled to make a conscious choice about the tone it would set for the remainder of the school year. I […]

50 Thoughts Every Parent Has During a School Performance

Ah, school programs. The excitement. The nerves. The music. The little voices. It’s enough to make your parental cup runneth over with pride. But pride isn’t the only thing we feel as audience members. Take a look at 50 thoughts every parent has during a school performance.

It’s Your Kids’ School’s Fault They’re So Tired and Crabby

A new study conducted by the Bradley Hasbro Children’s Research Center has linked later school start times to improved daytime functioning in adolescents. Researchers found that delaying school start times by only 25 minutes led to an average of 29 additional minutes of sleep for students and a 26 percent increase in students receiving eight or […]

Teachers Reveal What They Dread Most About Going Back-to-School

Who dreads going back to school more – the students or the teachers? Most likely the students, but that doesn’t mean returning to the school grind is easy on teachers. Aside from the seemingly endless preparations our teachers must make for the upcoming school year, they’re faced with the ongoing challenge of educating our kids […]

The Hidden Danger Lurking in Your Child’s Lunch

I had no idea, but I’m glad I know now. Click here to find out what the hidden danger is hiding in your child’s lunch and what you can do about it.