Parents, Teacher Appreciation Week Isn’t About Us

shutterstock_107751377As far as school years go, this one goes down in history. My son’s teacher and I got off to a rocky start. I wrote about it. The world read about it. And I felt compelled to make a conscious choice about the tone it would set for the remainder of the school year.

I realized soon enough, however, that the school year wasn’t about me. I mean, of course, I’m actively involved in my son’s education, but I just play a supporting role. Would I need to love his teacher and be loved in return? No. Would it have been nice if we could have? Sure, but what mattered more than our relationship was the status of theirs.

My son’s a lover. He loves police officers, anyone who drives a really big truck, and his teacher. He’s always loved his teachers, so it came as no surprise when he hatched a grand plan for Teacher Appreciation Week.

“What should I give my teacher, Mom? A gold bracelet?” he earnestly asked.

Fine jewelry was a fine idea — not a practical one, mind you — but a generous sentiment nevertheless. And I’ll admit, a bruised part of me wanted to suggest we go with a packet of Post-Its and orange highlighters instead, but Teacher Appreciation Week wasn’t about me, or my past hurts, or even the sometimes complicated nature of misunderstandings. This was about my son and his good heart’s desire to show his teacher how much he cares. [read more…]

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