I’ll Always Clean Before Inviting You Over

“Your house is so clean!” visitors often tell me. They’re not wrong. When company is on the calendar, the cleaning gloves come ON. I’ll corral the random crap. I’ll vacuum and dust. I’ll scour the downstairs bathroom and clean the kitchen. I won’t do these things because I have to; I’ll do them because I want […]

12 Eclectic Christmas Wreaths That Are Anything but Old-Fashioned

If you’re looking to jazz up your holiday decor in favor of new-fashioned, eclectic design, there are so many fun ways to go. From wacky and wonderful artificial Christmas trees to stylish Christmas tree alternatives, the holiday is ripe for the changing! While I’m generally drawn to traditional Christmas design, when it came to shopping […]

9 Merry and Bright DIY Christmas Tree Toppers

For all the holiday decorating you’ll do, nothing will matter quite as much as your Christmas tree. As the focal point of your holiday festivities, your Christmas tree will serve as the quintessential symbol of the season, bringing with it precious memories and good cheer. Now we know that a tree isn’t a really a […]

14 Wild and Wonderful Artificial Christmas Trees

For every person who revels in the glory of traditional holiday decor, there’s someone looking to break away from the norm in favor of an ultramodern design. Because we know that nothing sets the tone of your home’s holiday decor more than the Christmas tree, we set out to find the most daring new-fashioned artificial […]

20 Advent Calendars for a Cheerful Christmas Countdown

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year and there’s simply no better way to count down the magic of the holiday than with a cheerful advent calendar! You may not know that first advent calendars were first printed in Germany in the early 20th century, or that they gained in popularity after […]

20 Fun Ways to Decorate With Numbers

Whether you believe in the power of a lucky number or simply gravitate toward all things numerical, numbers possess important meaning for many of us. And now it’s easier than ever to celebrate a love of numbers through home decor! Modern home design has numbers popping up everywhere — from pillows to wall art to […]

You’ve Got Mail! 18 Crazy Cool Novelty Mailboxes

When our neighbors asked if we’d be willing to go in on matching mailboxes for our shared mailbox post, we thought, “Sure, why not.” What we didn’t expect was for them to come back with super deluxe bronze mailboxes to the tune of $400 each. Now I know that a beautiful mailbox can add real […]

15 Perfectly Pretty Thanksgiving Place Cards from Etsy

I’m not hosting Thanksgiving at my house, but if I was I’d TOTALLY go for these perfectly pretty Thanksgiving place cards from Etsy! So cute you’ll want to save them, wear them, or better yet – tell everyone you made them yourself.

Essential Fall Linens for Your Thanksgiving Table

From perfecting Grandma’s famous stuffing to creating a gratitude tree for guests to enjoy, you’ll work hard preparing a Thanksgiving to remember. Because this annual gathering of grateful hearts and hungry bellies deserves the very best, you’ll need festive fall serveware and rich autumnal linens to create a stunning Thanksgiving tabletop worthy to showcase your […]

Best Holiday Hostess Gifts Under $50

Never one to show up to a party empty-handed, you’ll want to present your gracious hostess with a gift that shows your appreciation for the invitation. Give a gift that’s big on heart and small on price with the best holiday hostess gifts under $50!