Are You Back to School Shopping for Preschool?

My mom's cheap.

Are you going back to school shopping for preschool? I’m not and here’s why.


  1. Depends on what you consider ‘back to school’. My preschooler has grown a mile, so none of her pants/tops fit her anymore. She’s been living in summer dresses or shorts, which I don’t want her wearing to school (too casual).
    I got the kids (I have an older son, too) clothes, because they grew, and they each got a new backpack. We use the backpacks for school, travel (we do a lot) etc. So we get every penny out of them.
    Also, when we get their teacher assignments, we’ll also get a list of school supplies we need to bring (certain folders, classroom supplies, and so on). So we have to get those.

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