Do You Check Your Kid’s Grades Online…Like, A Lot?

Step away from the grade portal…

Dear Son: These Are the 5 Best Decisions You’ll Ever Make

My Dear Son, Lately you’ve been hearing a lot about how the decisions you make today affect all your tomorrows. I see you taking it all in. Worrying. Wondering. You mentioned there didn’t seem to be room for mistakes anymore. I tried to assure you mistakes were yours for the making — a rite of […]

13 Things I Learned from My First Week of High School

Hi everyone, it’s Ryan*. This week I started high school as a freshman. The bad news is that the week was terribly long. The good news is that I learned some things that might come in handy for kids starting high school soon. Take a look:

16 Times the First Day of School Went Terribly, Horribly Wrong

My first day of 7th grade was the stuff of graphic novel nightmares. New to middle school and the public school system as a whole, I strutted down the locker-lined hallways decked out in the stuff of neon tweenage dreams. Determined to make everyone notice, I took it slow and smiled. People stopped and whispered. […]

5 Government Resources Designed to Help Navigate Back-to-School Season

I’m feeling overwhelmed at the very thought of my kids returning to school exactly one week from today.  What with new teachers, never-ending classroom supply lists, and new curricula, going back to school is every bit as hard on parents as it is on kids. You already know there’s a lot to consider when it […]

When You’re 16

If you’re a long time reader, you’ll recognize my BFF Gwen – she’s the mom of triplets.  ZOMG, I know – right?  You can read her story here. Anywho, Gwen and I have been friends since the 7th grade.  We went on to rock our high school drama class and break hearts everywhere.  OK, that last part […]