When You’re 16

If you’re a long time reader, you’ll recognize my BFF Gwen – she’s the mom of triplets.  ZOMG, I know – right?  You can read her story here.

Anywho, Gwen and I have been friends since the 7th grade.  We went on to rock our high school drama class and break hearts everywhere.  OK, that last part was a big huge lie, we actually went on to get good grades and meet nice guys to procreate with.  But long before all that we had a book – a best friend book.  A book that held all the secrets and desires of our 16-year-old selves and I’m gonna share (at least my half) with you.

When I was 16:

Dead Guys I’m in Love With

  1. Robert Kennedy (really Lori?)
  2. River Phoenix (still)
  3. Brandon Lee
  4. Kurt Cobain (hahaha)
  5. James Dean

Qualities I’m Looking for in a Man

  1. Tall (ahem)
  2. Buff
  3. Tan
  4. Dark hair
  5. Washboard stomach
  6. Considerate to old people (weird, but important nevertheless)
  7. Polite
  8. Kind to animals
  9. Manly (my hubs wears cycling shorts and is pondering shaving his legs)
  10. Talented
  11. Honest
  12. Funny

My Life Goals

  1. To register for college (remember when this was like so scary?)
  2. To learn my job well
  3. To meet a college man
  4. To get my teaching credential (whoopsie)
  5. To get married
  6. To own a house
  7. To have a child
  8. To graduate college
  9. To own a castle next to Elton John (I’m dead serious, it’s actually written there)

Things I Like About Myself

  1. Adherence to my moral code without any support from my friends (I totally wrote that and it’s totally true, haha)
  2. My generosity
  3. My inability to hold a grudge (read: pushover)

Things I want to Change About Myself

  1. Stop being so nervous
  2. Stop being so bitchy to my mom (sorry mom)

Things that Don’t Make Sense

  1. Why you can serve your country at 18 but you can’t drink
  2. Goofy
  3. College applications (these must have really stressed me out)
  4. Why there is so much Geometry on the SAT
  5. Why the boys always hang out with the drunk girls (um, duh)

My Favorite Movies

  1. Dead Poet’s Society (Oh Captain, my captain)
  2. Swing Kids
  3. Terminator 2 (An Eddie Furlong thing ::shudder::)
  4. Only You
  5. Goodfellas

My Favorite TV Shows

  1. Melrose Place
  2. Seinfeld
  3. Sally
  4. Whose Line is it Anyway?
  5. Coach (really?)
  6. SNL
  7. Late Night with David Viscott (WTF?)
  8. Herman’s Head (OMG, ‘member that show?)
  9. I’ll Fly Away (no memory of this show whatsoever)
  10. 90210 (um, yeah)
  11. Mad About You
  12. 20/20 (while the cool kids were partying at 10pm on Friday night, I was home watching 20/20)
  13. Jeopardy

And that dear Mommy Friends was me at 16 – just a girl in the world.

What were you like at 16?


  1. at 16 I was finally granted permission to date a guy i was ‘forbidden’ to. we dated the remainder of HS. i drove a red geo metro -, made mix tapes – fell in love with theater – couldn’t wait to get out of my small town – and i loved watching mad about you too. 😉

  2. I liked Herman’s Head solely because I loved Herman from his role in my family’s favorite movie of all time, Fright Night (which is currently being remade with I think some actor I dislike, or wait, maybe Russell brand, who I LOVE).

  3. Oh, this? Is an awesome post and I think I will have to steal it for my blog next week! 🙂 I too LOVED River Phoenix. Sigh. And Dead Poet’s Society… yes.

  4. I can’t believe you watched 20/20 at 16 years old. I STILL don’t watch that show.

    I like that you squeezed in: “Kind to animals”

    Is your hubs kind to animals?

  5. Sally – what was that show? I’ll have to look it up. You are too funny. Great pic of you and Gwen, too. And, Lori, at that age I was often watching 20/20 as well.

  6. Soooo Agree with liking Goodfellas! Great movie, and holy TV show – Who’s line is it anyway? That was soooo funny I wish they’d bring all those people back! Man I was 16 8 years ago LOL, i know i probably made other angry with that. I was outta control tho, my girl friend use to ask me whos the flavor of the week cuz there would always be a new interesting guy I was getting to know. Umm, lets see I was hanging out with the same people everyday and playin lots of softball and volleyball. Good times, wish some things wouldn’t change….

    • OMGosh Mommy Friend Mary, 8 years ago? You’re a youngin’! Gwen had flavors of the week, I crushed on the same boy for like all 4 years and he never knew it, still doesn’t. That’s OK though, time hasn’t been kind to him (oops, did I say that outloud?).

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