Do You Check Your Kid’s Grades Online…Like, A Lot?

Step away from the grade portal…


  1. So timely. Like you, I have a freshman, and I am a type “A”, she is not. I look at the portal about once a week because it’s the ONLY way I know what’s going on (I’m afraid to go through the backpack too – LOL). We are struggling to find a happy medium as well. I don’t want to hold her hand, but I don’t want her to fall behind either. I wish I had the solution for you. Let me know if you find one. I’ve heard/read that a lot of freshman struggle with their time management and work load the first year, but like you have found, staying on top of their every move doesn’t seem to help either. Mostly I use the portal just to make sure she’s turning in assignments or understanding the material. It’s a hard balance and we haven’t found it yet either. Best of luck.

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