Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, Day 5

For the full DSMMC experience, click here for our pre-conference day, day 1, day 2 , day 3 , and day 4.


We woke up Saturday morning docked at the beautiful Disney-owned island of Castaway Cay (pronounced “Key”) in the Bahamas. With perfect 75°F temps, white sand beaches, and crystal clear water, we were all too eager to experience the island’s offerings.


But before we explore the island, take a look back at our sweet ride!


Now let’s follow the kids!


Yes, please.


Before big island decisions could be made, we had to find out how warm the water was.


Yeah, I liked it here.


Since the water was still a wee bit chilly, we considered our many island experience options. From getting up close and personal with stingrays, to jet skis, paddle boards, paddle boats, snorkeling, bike rentals, spa services, and so much more, we settled on a bike ride to explore the farthest reaches of the island.


You know how people always say, “It’s just like riding a bike!” as if anything and everything comes right back to you with ease? THEY LIE. Bike riding did not come back easily for me. And with a cyclist husband and two kids born on two wheels, you can trust I straddled that beach cruiser with something to prove.

First, I crashed. Then, I whined. Then, I shouted at my husband to stop taking stupid pictures of me. Thank goodness there’s no video.

With families passing me left and right and no real control of this two-wheeled contraption, I panicked. It was then I kicked down the bike stand and considered waving the white flag not only my safety, but for the safety of everyone around me.

After a deep breath and quick pep talk, I channeled my inner 8-year-old and tried again. Lo and behold, my sense of balance finally came its senses!


We rode to a sightseeing spot to take a picture.


Blurry, boo.

We rode to another sightseeing spot to take a picture and see what we could see.


That’s better.

After returning our bikes, I hoofed my wobbly legs on over to paddle boating, which I kept calling “paddle boarding” because I know nothing of paddle anything, clearly.


Apparently paddle boating is hard, even for a cyclist that rides 100 miles a week and kid that runs 42 miles a week with cross-country.

I obviously didn’t paddle; pedaling was enough. Also, wow, I’m annoying on video.


Then, our stomachs called as they so often do. There were a few places to eat around the island, but we chose BBQ at Cookies, Too.


With full bellies we headed to the nearest hammocks, because we could, but…



That’s better.


Before long, my husband and son got their snorkel on.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And after, we played on the beach.


As our time on Castaway Cay came to a close, we headed back to the ship.


As sad as I was to leave this tropical paradise, I looked forward to experiencing Animator’s Palate again with my family for dinner.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When retired to our room for the night after one last dessert stop at Cabanas, this guy was waiting for us.


My family and I feel so blessed to have taken part in the 2017 Social Media Moms Land and Sea Celebration. We traveled by car, plane, and sea to experience the magic and wonder only Disney can provide. We were thrilled, amazed, spoiled, and celebrated.


But most of all, our family connected in a long-overdue-boy-we-really-needed-that-oh-hey-you’re-really-fun-let’s-try-this-let’s-do-that-again-can-you-believe-we’re-even-here? sort of way. And the power of that kind of togetherness, I’ve discovered, is the greatest gift for any family.

Thank you, Disney Social Media Moms team for all the love, learning, and lasting memories. See you real soon!

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