Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, Day 3

For the full DSMMC experience, click here and here and here first.

What’s better than breakfast burritos? Breakfast burritos with an advanced screening, that’s what!


We headed over to Disney Springs (FL’s version of CA’s Downtown Disney for you SoCal locals) to see Disney Nature’s Born in China set for release on Earth Day, April 21st!


Born in China tells the amazing story of panda bear, snow leopard, and golden monkey families. Filmed over two years in areas of remote China, this film captures never-before-seen intimate moments of survival in some of the most beautiful and treacherous landscapes.

Film producer, Roy Conli discussed the film making process with us.


My family loved the film. It was beautiful, touching, suspenseful, and amazing to witness the primal bond between animal families.

We then boarded a bus to Port Canaveral. Next stop: Disney Wonder!


OK, so the ship is beautiful, and we’ll get into more of that later. But what I want to talk to you about is Animator’s Palate, the oh-so-creative restaurant made artists out of each and every influencer.


Here we are drawing cartoons that later came to life all over the restaurant! Our cartoons were even incorporated into snippets of our favorite Disney films!


Oh hey, Captain Hook.


After a welcome aboard reception that included champagne (yum!) and chocolate-covered strawberries (yum-yum!), we reunited with our families for fun and exploration aboard the ship.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our stateroom was awesome. But first, a hallway.


Cute, right?

Take a peek inside the kids’ quarters of our room.


By day, there’s a couch in this area. By night, a Disney cast member staff pulls down a bunk from the ceiling. My husband and I had a queen bed in front of the bunk that could be partitioned off by a curtain.

I’d never been cruising before, but the room felt plenty spacious for the four of us and our four giant suitcases (which is saying a lot).

We dined that evening at Tiana’s Place. You may remember Tiana from The Princess and the Frog — and if you don’t, get to know that Disney classic stat. The music is awesome.


Southern cooking and live jazz come to life in this newly-redesigned restaurant just brimming with charm.


In case you’re wondering if any of us experienced motion sickness, the answer is a sort of yes and a firm no. While my youngest and I notorious are for car sickness, we hoped ships would pass the tummy test. I mean, planes were fine, so maybe ships would be, too?

I had been feeling all kinds of nauseous that day so I rocked Sea-Bands as a precaution.


But I quickly learned motion sickness weren’t to blame for my blahs. That barfy feeling was a side effect of a super strong antibiotic I’d been taking for a sinus infection (remember the snot?). But let’s stop talking about snot now, because it’s just not appetizing and the food totally was.

I ate two appetizers, a giant dinner, a cocktail, and of course, beignets with chocolate sauce…because I could.


The band played on…dsc_0683

Tiana herself sang a few numbers and even greeted every table. She was so adorable.


When we returned to our room, we were greeted by a Disney character. Do you know which one? Leave your answer a comment!


With so much entertainment and fun to be had on the ship, we explored it all while we sailed the high seas on our way to sweet dreams.

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