When You Wish Upon A Star…


When it comes to big wishes, I have a few: to travel to Europe, to free myself of cellulite without really trying, and to make it to Disney World for the very first time with my family.

Well, the pixie dust fairies must have been listening because I was invited the 2017 Disney Social Media Moms Land and Sea Celebration to take place at both Disney World (!!!) and onboard the Disney Wonder (!!!). Obviously, I couldn’t believe my good fortune. Had all those wishes on stars really worked? Did Disney magic somehow know time with my teenage son at home was running out? I’d like to believe the answers were yes.

We revealed our Disney dream come true on Christmas Day, with a photoshopped imaged of us superimposed in from of the Disney Wonder. I mean, I also spent 1,000 hours assembling amazing Disney-themed nesting boxes filled with Disney-themed clues and gifts and riddles as part of a big Disney reveal. I’m not sharing it here, because it sort of fell flat. My husband says it was all too elaborate and complicated, but whatever. We’ll just pretend that part never happened.

We arrived in Florida a few days prior to the conference via red-eye (which I don’t recommend) after a particularly nasty bought with the flu (which I really don’t recommend) to spend time with my mother-in-law. It was a lovely visit, even if I went through two jumbo boxes of tissue all by myself in less than 36 hours.

The day before DisneySMMC began, we road-tripped it to Orlando to get our Mickey fix. This guy drove because I was way too busy blowing my nose.


A few hours later we arrived where dreams do, in fact, come true!


First stop: our room at the Port Orleans Riverside resort so I could, you know, blow my nose some more.


Take a tour of our room!

With Mickey towels prominently displayed when we walked in…


…the kids made themselves right at home.


With Magic Bands activated and ready…


…I blew my nose for the gajillionth time and we set off for Epcot!


Now, I’ll tell you the truth. I didn’t really know what Epcot was all about. I didn’t know that the “big Epcot golf ball thing” was actually called the Spaceship Earth geosphere. (Did you?) All I knew was that we needed a selfie stat to commemorate the fact that we made it here, fever-free.



With a blurry family selfie under my Minnie ears, I got to work being bossy. Everybody follow me!


“I make these ears looks cool.” (His words.)


We saw beautiful things…


…explored distant lands across the pond…



…posed for a picture on a bridge…


…pretended to talk in awesome red phone booths…


…took a lesson in French I from this guy…


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…while this younger guy bothered him…


…saw more beautiful gardens…


…turned around to catch my husband taking way too many unsolicited pictures of my backside…


…hurried to take more pictures as the sun was setting…



…and ate a variety of delightful macaroons (not pictured). As we traveled by foot to Germany, we drank grapefruit beer, ate a pretzel larger than my torso (not pictured), and indulged this guy in a meat dish he could have eaten a dozen more of.


From there, we drank delightful libations in Japan…


…and proceeded to Morocco where we dined on chicken and lamb shawarma, hummus, and tabbouleh (not pictured). I also blew my nose a whole lot more there (thankfully, not pictured).

By then, the park was closing. Our feet were tired, our bellies were full, and my nose, well, it was seriously raw. But before we left beautiful Epcot, we marveled at Spaceship Earth from afar…


…and up close…


…and it was magical — just like our time there.

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