Dear Son: These Are the 5 Best Decisions You’ll Ever Make


My Dear Son,

Lately you’ve been hearing a lot about how the decisions you make today affect all your tomorrows. I see you taking it all in. Worrying. Wondering.

You mentioned there didn’t seem to be room for mistakes anymore. I tried to assure you mistakes were yours for the making — a rite of passage, if you will, of growing up. You didn’t seem so sure and I think I know why.

We’re a lot alike, you and I. We’re careful and discerning. But more than that, we hate being wrong  especially about the big stuff. And your future, yeah, that’s pretty big, but maybe it doesn’t have to feel quite so scary. You’ll make a lot of heavy choices in your life from here on out, but rest assured, these five decisions can never be wrong.

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