12 Reasons I Refuse to Go Back-to-School Shopping

Go ahead, add one more tick mark to the bad mom column – I refuse to take my kids back-to-school shopping. Of course, I would have died a slow, OMG-worthy death if my mother would have made the same decision with me. Back-to-school shopping was the only thing that made going back to school worth […]

10 Things I Learned About Kindergarten This Year

As Kindergarten draws to a close in 10 short school days, I reflect on this momentous school year and how far BooBoo has come. This Kindergarten school year may not have been my first rodeo, but I realize now more than ever just how different every child, teacher, and school year can be. It’s with […]

10 Things to Consider as Your Child Begins Kindergarten This Fall

Is your kid starting kindergarten this fall? Me too! Isn’t it exciting? This is my eldest son on his first day of kindergarten nearly five years ago. I remember practically everything about that big first day. My son was nervous, excited, and proud – as was I. I had high hopes for Boy Wonder’s academic […]