12 Reasons I Refuse to Go Back-to-School Shopping


Go ahead, add one more tick mark to the bad mom column – I refuse to take my kids back-to-school shopping.

Of course, I would have died a slow, OMG-worthy death if my mother would have made the same decision with me. Back-to-school shopping was the only thing that made going back to school worth living for. New Guess jeans paired with L.A. Gears and a few new tops from Contempo Casuals? Yes, please!

But unlike my youthful passion for fashion, my boys don’t care what they wear. Considering the fact that they’re dreading their return to academia with the fiery passion that burns like a thousand suns, no amount of fresh denim is going to make a bit of difference. So for this reason and so many others, I refuse to go back-to-school shopping.

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