Weekend Upgrade: Transform Your Tired Fireplace!

PicMonkey Collage-2Nothing says “home” quite like an inviting fireplace. As a natural focal point and gathering place of warmth and family, a fireplace has the power to make or break the stylistic continuity your entire space.

The original red brick fireplace that occupied our family room did just that – occupy space. While it housed many a warm crackling fire, it never managed to enhance the decor of our family room. With its offset placement and lack of a proper mantel, our fireplace remained ignored by homeowner and visitor alike.

When we began transforming our family room to a neutral palette, our tired brick fireplace begged for attention (and not in a good way) among the calm greys, gentle blues, and soft browns.

How might we incorporate the fireplace into our room? What could we do with it? What should we do with it? With little budget to spare on this important afterthought, we chose to get creative.

Check out our incredible fireplace transformation along with a handy dandy tutorial on how you can do it yourself in a single weekend!

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