20 Signs You’re Raising a Mama’s Boy


My Dearest Fellow Boy Mama,

I don’t have to tell you how special the bond between mother and son can be. The addictive high that comes from being the greatest love of your boy’s life is good. So good. Too good.

I have two sons–double the pleasure, double the gross, double the injury, and double the mama’s boy love. As the queen of my castle, I’m continually reminded that I’m kind of a big deal in the lives of my sons. They need me. They adore me. They sure know how to feed an ego!

No matter how ugly, fat, depressed, old, or tired I feel, my boys are my personal cheering section, dishing out complements and heaping amounts of love faster than I can consume them.

I never set out to raise mama’s boys, nor did I expect to become a fraction of all they’ve created me to be.

My heart may selfishly hope that this mama’s boy thing lasts forever, but as a daughter-in-law and one day mother-in-law, my head knows why it cannot.

For now, I think I’ll just enjoy my reign as queen of my boys’ hearts for as long as they’ll allow me to occupy so much real estate there.

Check out these 20 signs you’re raising a mama’s boy, and remember: you’re in good company.

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