Reality Bites: Let’s Play Nice

[Image credit] I would never want to spark a Work Outside the Home Mom (WOHM) vs. Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) debate, because the battle is emotionally charged, super touchy and always ugly.  Besides, I don’t have space to store all those soapboxes anyway. Recently I read an article that referred to working mothers “Part-time Mothers”.  As a working […]

Reality Bites: Designer Diapers

[Image credit] Designer diapers are a new phenomenon I find truly baffling.  Last I checked, diapers were intended to collect poop and pee until potty training; when did they become outerwear?  While I remain a true believer in stylish functionality as much as the next Mommy Friend, designer diapers still leave me wondering…why? I can’t speak […]

Reality Bites: Little Hearts, Big Love

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but handmade gifts are a mom’s best friend. There is nothing as special as a handmade craft or picture made by your child.  I cherish every handprint, footprint, macaroni necklace and glittery card made with smeared ink and misspelled words. The thoughtful care our children put into these […]

Reality Bites: The Baby Monitor

[Image:] Take a good look at it, the baby monitor.  Sure, it looks innocent enough.  Little did I know the paradoxical quality of this device until I became a mother.  We purchase baby monitors for peace of mind.  Every singular breath and peep is amplified just in case.  For me personally, the baby monitor […]

Reality Bites: Mornings with Children

[] Ah mornings, you probably were never a fan.  When you were a kid mornings meant school awaited.  As an adult, mornings meant work awaited.  As a parent, mornings meant you were going to be late. There’s no shame in my game, I’ll admit I used to pride myself on punctuality.  A secret sense of […]

Reality Bites: The Crib Tent

[] Your child may think they landed themselves in kiddie jail the first time they are placed inside a crib tent.  They may think that because chances are they’ve done something dangerous enough to land them in, well…kiddie jail.  For their safety alone, the crib tent offers parents the peace of mind of knowing that while they’re […]

Reality Bites: Math Homework

 I am not smarter than a second grader.  I guarantee I’m not the smartest Mommy Friend you ever met because I happen to think 2nd grade homework is hard.  At least it is for me.  I’m choosing to own this ugly truth and refuse to succumb to the obvious shame and embarrassment such a confession deserves.  I […]

Reality Bites: Toy Packaging

Above is the latest Nerf gun to join our arsenal.  This Nerf gun may look innocent enough (yea, right), but like so many toys it came packaged to like MIL SPEC 20-187A.  That’s not a real military specification, I just made it up.   But seriously, I’m guessing this toy gun was packaged by packaging experts who had […]

Reality Bites: Mama’s Boy

Queen of hearts Not so long ago, I was everything.  I was idolized and larger than life to my eldest son when he was nearly 6 years old.  Imagine having your personal fan club president as a member of your household?  Honestly, in between all of his normal boy activities, my eldest would stop to pay me […]

Reality Bites: Good Hair

Color, the way nature and my colorist intended I am a practical Mommy Friend.  I don’t carry expensive handbags or have a gargantuan wedding ring.  I clip coupons, shop for sales and remain scared as hell of Suze Orman.  The only thing I can justify spending ridiculous money to maintain is my hair.  I have to […]