Reality Bites: Toy Packaging

Above is the latest Nerf gun to join our arsenal.  This Nerf gun may look innocent enough (yea, right), but like so many toys it came packaged to like MIL SPEC 20-187A.  That’s not a real military specification, I just made it up.


But seriously, I’m guessing this toy gun was packaged by packaging experts who had something to prove about packaging.  These nifty twist ties were wrapped in this crazy origami configuration and the only thing that would have made the toy even more difficult to open would have been zip-ties.  Don’t even get me started on zip ties. 

After about 20 minutes of my eldest frothing at the mouth for this toy gun I finally got it open at the cost of my fingertips and subsequent sense of touch. 


  1. Zip ties have amazing strength!

  2. And God, the waste going into that packaging! There needs to be green packaging specialists out of the universities, honestly, we need them. Everyone talks about user-friendly computer interfaces and stuff, when will we have user-friendly packages?

  3. I think the packaging makes it harder for us parents to open the toy itself. I opened a robot toy for my kid and I found it hard because of all the wires involved in the packaging.

  4. LOL! Another of my pet peeves!! My fingers are always in a right mess after helping the girls open their presents at Christmas & birthdays!:)

  5. I was going to post about this too! I opened a thomas the train toy and it was SCREWED with plastic to the cardboard. I kid you not. What, do they NOT want the kids to play with the toys immediately? It is ridiculous

  6. Haha so funny that I was just dealing with the same issue. Totally embarassing that I was cursing at 5 pairs of dress up shoes!

  7. Those plastic things are such a pain! It’s even worse when you spend 20+ minutes getting something out of the box and then your child plays with it for 3 minutes!

  8. Ha Ha Ha Ha! This lovely packaging was easy in comparison to some I have seen. That’s the sad part. Ruby’s cabbage patch twins were next to impossible to get loose. Elmo, the one that walks and tells jokes, took me FOREVER to get undone. SO TRUE!Love ya! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog!Jessica

  9. I HATE opening toys! My personal favorite are the ones that are screwed in but you can’t get to the screw because of twistie ties and super industrial strength tape. My son got a toy truck a few weeks ago. All I had to do was open the box and take it out. No ties, tape..nothing! I didn’t know what to do with myself!

  10. Ahh yes…my arch nemesis…the toy packaging. My personal fave? Curling irons in that vacuum-sealed hard plastic. Opening one of those is like volunteering to lose one of your digits.

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