Reality Bites: The Baby Monitor


Take a good look at it, the baby monitor.  Sure, it looks innocent enough.  Little did I know the paradoxical quality of this device until I became a mother. 

We purchase baby monitors for peace of mind.  Every singular breath and peep is amplified just in case.  For me personally, the baby monitor has been the cause of more paranoia than reassurance as I insist on having it cranked to 11.  I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in years as every roll, breath, squeak and feedback interference has been amplified at deafening volume and mentally recorded in the wee hours of the night.  I can’t help myself, what if my baby needs me and can only muster a mere whisper?  You better believe I’m going to hear it.  Nothing says “Good morning Sunshine” like being violently jolted awake by an innocent coo from such a seemingly innocuous device. 

That said, Little BooBoo is 2 and I’m still cranking that baby all the way up without any plans for a personal restful night’s sleep in the near future…just in case.


  1. Look at it this way, when you’re done using it for the little one you can hide it under your husband’s recliner and listen in on his phone calls from the other room. Multi-purpose. Find new uses for old items!

  2. I was the same way. We still use the monitor. It’s helpful for when we are in the basement watching a movie and the kids are asleep on the second floor. Good or bad, we can hear every sound. The pitter patter of little feet trotting to the toilet for a “midnight” potty break, The subsequent banging of said toilet seat when they are finished. The crying of the baby who just woke up because of the banging toilet seat…We also can hear when 2 littl eboys are being “nonny” (our version of “naughty)and chatting when they should be going to sleep. And, on occasion, we can hear the neighbor lady talking to her kids or on her phone when the channel gets changed on our monitor. Now THAT will snap you to attention. It’s instant “Paranormal Activity” when that happens! Ha Ha!

  3. Don’t feel bad. I have 2, yes 2 VIDEO monitors in Ruby’s room. One aerial and on right on her. She is a sneaky little thing and since she has been out of the crib since 18 months when she climbed out, I wanted that place bugged! LOL I think these may come in handy in her teen years too!

  4. I love the monitor we are using. Helps bring me peace! (Even if it does mean some restless nights) I was thinking about it the other day and wondered what age people tend to use them until.

  5. But it goes to eleven…

  6. I never got one. The year before my baby was born our neighbor who’s house was the exact floorplan had a baby and they had a monitor. The feedback from it was terrible, I don’t think it helped them at all. Our house was tiny! As it was I had baby in bed with me, so I never needed a monitor.

  7. Don’t feel bad. Hunter is 5 and we still use it.I was a heavy sleeper until we had him. But, because he gets asthma we just want to make sure we hear him. We do set the volume on low, so it’s not so loud. But there are days that we didn’t notice and it was louder than usual. Ughhh…. the fussiness and grunting in the morning is so annoying. 😉

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