Mommy Friend Gone Wild: Sushi

For my first “Mommy Friend Gone Wild ” assignment I went with sushi.

I know, I know, sushi isn’t wild.  You probably ate sushi like 2 times last week or something but rest assured, I didn’t.  I have made it through my whole life avoiding sushi while married to a man who would leave me for sushi if it could do his laundry.

When I said I was toddler picky, I was dead serious.  I don’t eat seafood, let alone raw seafood.  Some people don’t eat food with a face, I don’t eat food from the ocean.

So we arrive at the sushi restaurant and Little BooBoo is unhappy from the moment we walk in.  Convinced it’s an omen, I’m ready to place the onus on BooBoo just to have the opportunity to back out.  Big Daddy P, hoping to make a sushi lover out of me wasn’t about to let me leave and suddenly grasped the car keys like a ninja.  Damn.

The miso soup arrives, I feel comforted.  Miso soup is familiar, I’m OK with this.  I eat the soup and obviously avoid the tofu, eww tofu.

I look around, this place is quite lovely and my family seems to like it so I decide to fall into the groove even without the help of a sake bomb.  I decide to enjoy the wall mural of Japan because this is as close to Japan as I will probably ever get.

Big Daddy P does the ordering and goes with the mild stuff, a rainbow roll, California roll and a dragon roll.

The food arrives and it was lovely, a real masterpiece.

Now just because the presentation was beautiful, it didn’t mean I wanted to eat it.

It was time.  I longingly stared at the Teriyaki bowl Little BooBoo snubbed and wished it was mine.

I started with the mild California roll even though I don’t like avocado and crab.  After all, the California roll was the only piece of sushi without a huge chunk of raw fish on top.

It was interesting and very soy-saucy as I tried to drown it as much as possible to kill the taste.

Next it was time for the scarier rainbow roll which had raw salmon on top and looked all kinds of fleshy to me.

Deep breath.

Eating shots are always ugly and embarrassing but Big Daddy P swore my own family wouldn’t believe it until they saw it.  So here, an eating shot, ugh.

I have no idea what it tasted like; I literally shut off my taste buds and sense of smell.  I didn’t know I had such an amazing ability but apparently I do.  The texture was as fleshy as I had feared and I chewed it just enough to avoid choking. 

The dragon roll was the scariest, it had eel on top and eels are gross.  I ate it but don’t have a picture to prove it, you’re just gonna have to trust me.

Overall, I give sushi a…

Thumbs down.  Then again, sushi has 1,735,399 fans on Facebook to Mommyfriend’s 213.  I think it’s safe to say it’s not sushi, it’s me.


  1. I love sushi sooo much that I totally recognized this restaurant from the very first picture of the neon Kirin sign and those waving kitties! This is the restaurant the Hubby refers to as “good food- bad ambiance”… I don’t think the owner was very happy with you taking pictures with a thumbs-down! Especially as you sat in the booth right by the door!– You so crazy!

  2. I bet you’re thinking, “I wish this chick would quit commenting on my old posts” HAHA I just started following you today so I have to go back and get caught up.
    Sushi…Ok, you are alot braver than I am. First I am a vegetarian so I wouldn’t eat it to start with. Second, I don’t like Chinese or Japanese food. So I am lost to it on all counts. Even if i still ate meat I wouldn’t touch the stuff. My 24 yr old son would eat it 3 meals a day if he could afford it. I guess you either love it or you hate it.

  3. You did it! Still not sure I could! 😉

  4. There was a time when I didn’t think I’d like sushi but now…it’s what I chose when we go out to eat. And believe it or not…The eel roll is my favorite but it did take some getting used to! I’m kind of like in trying new things esp. if they seem too “wild”. So, good job, Mommyfriend! I’m proud of you. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  5. HAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE the pictures!! I am not a fan of sushi either, but on occasion I can stomach it. Good for you for trying something new!!! =)

  6. I too am not a fan of sushi. I’ve only had the opportunity to try it once and I got a nice sample plate. I did like the shrimp sushi…course is it really sushi? I mean it’s cooked rice with cooked shrimp. I love shrimp, there’s really nothing you can do to shrimp that I won’t eat (although I’m not a fan of rubbery prawns!)
    I tried the yellow tail and something else. I don’t think I had room for the salmon. Honestly the taste was just fine on all of it (well except for the Denver roll – a concoction made just for this place) but I just couldn’t deal with the mushy texture of the raw fish. Next time I’ll stick with the shrimp!
    The Denver roll had panko breaded popcorn shrimp in it and there was more breading than anything else. 😛

  7. Wow! Good for you! I am super impressed! And I’m glad Big Daddy P insisted on the eating shot otherwise I might have had my doubts. I guess sushi isn’t for everyone – although I love it and am jealous that you get to enjoy yummy California sushi while I am stuck with midwestern sushi. I can’t wait to see what’s next on the Mommyfriend Gone Wild list 🙂

  8. Good for you to have tried! I wish I had been there to witness it (or eat what you didn’t, yummy) I heart sushi.

  9. YAY for you!!!! 🙂 Check one off the list!…now on to that bar dancing…

  10. Well at least you tried! Im with you though…boooo sushi…Im not sure I could even bring myself to try that. Ewww….

  11. I am RIGHT there with you on this. EWWW! I do like seafood but cooked please. And preferrably with pasta and a saucy sauce. Yea, I don’t get the appeal. At. All. love the food shot…

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