Paying the Cost


As parents we pick our battles, we have to, otherwise we’d be battling for all of eternity without reprieve.  Sometimes even when the battles are worth picking, we are so worn down, we fold.  And other times, when the stakes are high, we bribe.

Bribery is such an ugly word.  The word even looks guilty and illegal just sitting there.  By proper parenting law, bribery is arguably one of the greatest parental offenses.

Yes Supernanny, I know children shouldn’t be bribed to exhibit good behavior.  I especially know children shouldn’t be bribed to exhibit mere civilized behavior.  As a standard rule, we expect civilized, and dare I say, good behavior from our kiddies and about 80% of the time they oblige.  The remaining 20% of time is…well…challenging, especially with my toddler.  Despite all the tricks in my parenting arsenal, when all else fails and I am in a pinch, I bribe; guilty as charged.

I know bribery backfires, creating a vicious insatiable cycle of demand; I am living proof.  The itty bitty habit of bribing Little BooBoo with fruit snacks began as a rather effective method to keep him busy and quiet while I helped my eldest with his homework.  Who would have thought such an innocent gesture would snowball into such an epic parental failure?  Obviously not me.

Now fruit snacks are expected for everything.

Take a bite of dinner…sure, for a fruit snack.
Sit on the potty…sure, for a fruit snack.
Please be quiet…sure, for a fruit snack.
Brush your teeth…sure for a fruit snack.

I did it all for the fruit snacks.

There aren’t enough fruit snacks in the world to repay Little BooBoo for everything he has come to expect them for.  The habit has gotten so bad, he asks for fruit snacks after eats a pack of fruit snacks.  He asks because he can.  I use them when I have to because they work, like little artificially colored pieces of sugary parental magic.

Now I am tasked with the distinct parental privilege of breaking the nasty habit I myself have created.  Regrettably, I have no one to blame but myself, and that is what makes this arduous task such a stale fruit snack to swallow.  I have decided fruit snacks are no longer allowed in my home, as much for him as for me.  Cold turkey, I just don’t see any other way.

Even the best of us start bad habits; some are born out of ignorance and others out of desperation.  Have you started a bad habit with your child(ren)?  How did you break it?  If you’re a Mommy Friend with a bit of wisdom to share, say it loud, say it proud.  I’m listening!


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  2. I’m guilty of this myself so I understand!I’m your latest follower through FF! I hope you’ll stop by my blog at and say hello.Sharon

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  4. I use M&Ms-mostly for potty training. At least fruit snacks are healthier:)I am your newest follower from FF.

  5. I recently cut my fruit snack addict off. He is angry with a capital A.

    I am beginning to equate fruit snacks with cocaine. Seriously.

  6. Hey, at least they were fruit snacks and not Twinkies or Little Debbies. They are called fruit snacks for a reason. They must have some fruit in them somewhere. A tiny bit of fruit juice perhaps. Work with me here. If the fruit snacks work and he doesn’t weigh 250 pounds from it, do what you gotta do. Like I tell ppl, until punching my kids in the face is legal again, you have to be flexible sometimes.

  7. Following you from FF. Visit me at:

    I agree with consistency! However, I’m not against the occasional ‘incentive’ either. 🙂 Good luck!

  8. I agree we sometime have to use bribery, but sometimes you are on last strings and what else is there to do.

    I am your from Friday Follow.

    Please stop by

  9. Hi!I found you on Friday Follow.Hang in there with your kids. Consistancy is what pays off!Visit me@

  10. Im a total briber too! I just go with it!

  11. It’s going to be miserable going cold turkey, but just remember it’s the best thing for you both and it will be worth it in the end! Very admirable…

  12. Poor BooBoo, a Fruit Snack Junkie at such a young age. But more importantly, poor you going cold turkey! Good luck – May Supernanny be with you in spirit.

  13. I’m not remembering anything quite like the fruit snack thing you’ve got going. That doesn’t mean it didn’t happen…just that my swiss cheese brain won’t remember it.
    I think your cold turkey thing is the way to go though.

    Best of luck!

  14. Oh those fruit snacks. Those are a packed lunch favorite. I also am a huge fan of them. I dont know why but they taste sooo good!! Enjoyed your blog.

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