Reality Bites: Good Hair

Color, the way nature and my colorist intended

I am a practical Mommy Friend.  I don’t carry expensive handbags or have a gargantuan wedding ring.  I clip coupons, shop for sales and remain scared as hell of Suze Orman.  The only thing I can justify spending ridiculous money to maintain is my hair. 

I have to wear my hair everyday and as far as superficial things matter, good hair matters more to me than clothes, than makeup, than anything.  If I’m going to work with spit-up on my blouse, it’s all good so long as I’m having a good hair day.  Rainy days and Mondays don’t get me down half as much as a bad hair day and if I’m having one, you are well advised to stay away, stay far, far away because (sadly) my mood tends to follow suit. 

I don’t feel guilty about my hair obsession.  I’ve got stubby unkempt nails, unruly eyebrows and pale skin but damn, I try to have good hair.  Hair maintenance is my only way to recapture the sunshiny golden locks lost with age.  I started out this color and I’m keeping it.  I’m keeping it real, real and processed.


  1. Love the color Mother Nature intended if she is a true woman.

  2. Your Mommy Friend Lori says:

    Thank you for the compliment!  My hair totally appreciates it because it tries pretty hard.  Yes, keep that hair lookin’ sexy, it’s your ultimate accessory!

  3. I must say in all of your pictures your hair is ALWAYS ready. Im getting tired of my hair I want something new. I think im going to get it permed because since I had the baby I feel like I just let me go and I want my hair to keep on lookin sexy

  4. Dang girl! Your hair is awesome!!

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