Reality Bites: A Little Love


I was at Target yesterday with the fam and we passed by these adorable bottles of wine, just perfecto for Valentine’s Day.  Could you love this little label any more? 


A wine celebrating monogamy, just too cute and worthy of a pic and a share in my opinion.  Happy Valentine’s Day to you my dear Mommy Friends!

I’d like to share a little link love to all the wonderful mom bloggers who have stopped by my site and showed their love and support:

Mom of 3 Dolls


Suburb Sanity

Two Little Cavaliers

Write Expressions

Luvs Jurn 3

Stylish Brandz

Shelly’s Swag

Yellow Tennessee

Of Mice and Ramen

A Plus Plan

Walking the Land

Wii Mom

A Place for Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Chelle’s Creative Expressions

Bumples Family First

Mom is Blogging

Theta Mom

Stop by these sites, these mommies are the real deal!

Wishing you love, love and more love this Valentine’s Day! 


  1. This sites theme is off center when using Mozilla.

  2. Hi there!Just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog & commenting! This wine is too funny–I don’t know how I missed it, seeing as I live at that place!

  3. Stopped by from Friday Follow! Love your blog…will be back…stop by and see me if you can @justanightowl.comHave a great week.

  4. What cool labels. Also what a wonderful sentiment on your part. Now where can I get that wine with those labels.

  5. Lori,That bottle of wine is just great! Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too! Thank you for including me in your list of links. You are too sweet!

  6. Hi Lori,(Meant to comment on this post) Thanks for including me on this list of great bloggers! I hope I can return the love! Also, check the Lady Bloggers Society. I think you ‘ll like it.

  7. Thanks Girl. My hubby and I saw the same wine at target. But, we bought pro-mis-q-ous. Although I prefer the Monogamy in real life. Pro-mis-q-ous sounded yummy. Is that bad? lolJessica Walking the Land

  8. These are soooo adorable! I love it. At least somebody in this world is recognizing that word again! 🙂

  9. I like the label! I am mom of 10 adn we moved from Alabama to west Texas to start a vineyard, so, I notice wine labels!!! Stopping by from Fri Follows – I’m a new follower! Love to have you stop by:

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