Reality Bites: Mama’s Boy

Queen of hearts

Not so long ago, I was everything.  I was idolized and larger than life to my eldest son when he was nearly 6 years old.  Imagine having your personal fan club president as a member of your household?  Honestly, in between all of his normal boy activities, my eldest would stop to pay me a compliment, hug me or draw a picture of me.  While I adored the admiration, a teeny part of me worried I had a major mama’s boy on my hands. 

My, what big shoulder pads you have Mommy Friend!

We all secretly (or not-so-secretly) hope our sons will grow up with healthy mama’s boy tendencies.  I’m thinking healthy mama’s boy tendencies are enough to yield respect, attention and, at a minimum, a weekly phone call.  What I never wanted was a grown son who compared every woman to his mama (good luck ladies) or ending up as the kind of mama who does her 37 year old son’s laundry. 

Wide-reaching arms, all the better to hug you with!

It seemed to me that at 5 years old, my eldest was in a weird transitional period where he was a certified school-ager who wasn’t quite ready to assume the role.  He was in need of extra love and attention which was more than alright by me.  While Big Daddy P sorta thought our eldest should be drawing dragons and stuff instead of portraits of yours truly, I chose to enjoy it as long as I could. 

In the end, his idol worship waned once Pokemon entered his consciousness and I went back to being regular old mom.  It was nice while it lasted and I have these great portraits and a whole stack of love letters to remind me of my day in the bright, bright sun.


  1. It is funny how in the beginning our babies think we are the most important thing in the world and then as they grow older they change their minds.

  2. So cute! I want a momma’s boy….

  3. How adorable!! Looks like your husband isnt the only artist in your family! 🙂 You’ll have Mommy Friend Illustrations for years to come… unless Pokemon asks him to illustrate– then you’ll be put on a waiting list 😉

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