Mad Love


This adorable Sunshine Award was given to me by none other than Mandy P. of Random Thoughts.  She is a wonderful Mommy Friend who was so sweet to give me my first ever blogstatic award!  Thank you Mandy P. for your continued support!

As luck would have it, a few days later, I was given this!


A Beautiful Blogger Award, given to me by none other than the Zen-Mama herself!  I respect Zen-Mama and her ability to see beauty in everything.  Thank you so much, I am humbled.

I haven’t gotten this many awards since like 2nd grade ladies, thank you again for your acceptance and recognition!  You shouldn’t have but I am so glad you did!

In staying true to the linky love and spirit of the blogging community, I have been given the privilege to pass these awards on to fellow bloggers who have earned my respect and admiration.

Drum roll please…

1.  Complicated Mama
:  Love her, love her site, period; always a great read.

2.  Zen-Mama:  Making Zen look easy; a real inspiration to me.

Walking the Land:  Fantastic site by my blogging newbie bestie; always worth a giggle.

Mother to Son:  Inspirational and smart site; I always leave with a pearl of wisdom.

5.  Moms R the Best
Diva blogger who always speaks the truth, great site.

6.  A Place for Thoughts
:  Like the comforting cup of tea on her site, this site is a wonderful dose of thought and purpose; a favorite of mine for sure. 

7.  Suburb Sanity
:  Great site, hilarious and oh so true; a wonderful read.

8.  Random Thoughts:  My #1 fan Mandy P. gets this award for being fantastic and hilarious on her awesome blog and being a part of my virtual family!

Now, I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me that do not involve my children (not as easy as you might think):

Coffee is my lover. 
2.       I am funnier in writing than in person.
3.       I am a picky eater.
4.       I believe the children are our future.
5.       I value my friendships tremendously.
6.       I believe every girl needs a good red lipstick.
7.       I am clumsy, like really clumsy.

Thank you again Mommy Friends for all your love and support.  It keeps me doing what I do and I’m loving every minute!


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  3. Thank you so much for the award and for thinking of me! That means a lot to me.I love that coffee is your lover. For me, it is iced tea. Can’t get by without it.

  4. Thank you!!! Awww back atacha bestie!So, this is the place after I get the award where I say… I would like to now thank my husband, daughter, parents, and God! Uhh ohh I think I see Kanye West coming to steel my microphone! Back up dude!!! I don’t care about Beyonce’s Blog. This is my moment. Security!!!

  5. Hello! Stoppping by from MandyP site! She passed on your award to me! If she is such a huge fan, I know I will be too! Have a great weekend!

  6. Awh, Lori! Thank you! I didn’t even know these awards existed until now! So glad you received them because you deserve them! I really appreciate you sharing them with me. I always get an email when you put up a new post and always look forward to them. Thank you! You are the best!

  7. WHAT?!?!? I’m gonna grab that B%$#H and run before you realize my name is not on that list up there! =)THANK YOU!!!

  8. Lori, I just saw that you gave me the sunshine award!! Thanks so much! I’ll post that later next week!! I so appreciate it…what could be better than a “sunshine award”!!

  9. Thanks, Lori, for the nice compliment! I’m glad you enjoy the blog as much as I’m enjoying yours!! Cheers!!

  10. …And here I am again stalking–I mean–following your blog so closely that I am one of the first comments…The Sunshine Award was YOUR FIRST AWARD??? I find that so hard to believe. You are hysterical. I put a link to one of your posts on my facebook page and a couple of friends really enjoyed it. As well they should…you are hilarious! I mentioned you in my post today…just keep giving you some link love. Can’t help myself! (Email me if you need my home address for the restraining order…) Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

  11. What a great surprise!! I came here just to say hello– and found I received an award!! 🙂 Thank you!! Im honored.

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