Reality Bites: A Little Love

[Image:} I was at Target yesterday with the fam and we passed by these adorable bottles of wine, just perfecto for Valentine’s Day.  Could you love this little label any more?  [Image:] A wine celebrating monogamy, just too cute and worthy of a pic and a share in my opinion.  Happy Valentine’s Day […]

Reality Bites: Band-Aids

[Image:] It’s true, kids hurt themselves a lot.  As a Mommy Friend, you surely dole out your share of band-aids for legitimate use.  Much to my chagrin, lately it seems I have been dispensing them for recreational use.  Unfortunately my kids have developed an obsession with band-aids and I don’t even buy the fun ones!  At my house, […]

Reality Bites: Handprints

Little handprints can be found on every glass surface of my house.  This weekend I finally got around to dusting the glass coffee table and within seconds, like a trick candle, those little handprints appeared again.  I had turned my back for a split second only to find Little BooBoo making his mark yet again on […]

Reality Bites: The Sippy Cup

Could there BE any more pieces?Ever look at a product and wish it had more pieces?  Me neither.  There is no denying it, the engineering that goes into the no-spill, no-drip sippy cup is a wonderment.  The sippy cup also happens to be one of the more complicated contraptions used by toddlers.  Of course by the […]

Reality Bites: Love Letters

If you’re a lucky Mommy Friend, you’ve received a few love letters in your day and you’ll never forget how special they made you feel.  I’ve gotten into the habit of writing my eldest little love letters to be found in unsuspecting places.  A few Sundays back, my eldest was having a major case of […]

Reality Bites

Sometimes you feel like a blog, sometimes you don’t.  For those times when you are looking for a quick hit of Mommyfriend, I hereby introduce “Reality Bites”.  Reality Bites are quick and yummy doses of our Mommy Friend reality, bite-sized and just for you!