Reality Bites: Handprints

Little handprints can be found on every glass surface of my house.  This weekend I finally got around to dusting the glass coffee table and within seconds, like a trick candle, those little handprints appeared again.  I had turned my back for a split second only to find Little BooBoo making his mark yet again on the pristine glass.  Frustrated and armed with my Windex, I marched over to the table, I aimed and…paused.

I suddenly realized these little handprints wouldn’t be here forever.  My kids will never have hands this small again.  They will grow into adults, move out of the house and I will be left with nothing but clean glass.  Someday I am going to wish I could have drawn frames around those little handprints.  In the end, I proudly left those little handprints on the glass, thought I’d enjoy them a little longer.


  1. Patricia Price says:

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  2.’re it! Fanned on FB!~Shelley

  3. Tag, you’re it!

  4. Hi! I’m visiting from MBC. Great blog!

  5. That’s really sweet. I have to remind myself of that every time I get frustrated with all the legos all over the floors and furniture. I usually think about it guiltily in the middle of the night.

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