Reality Bites: Band-Aids


It’s true, kids hurt themselves a lot.  As a Mommy Friend, you surely dole out your share of band-aids for legitimate use.  Much to my chagrin, lately it seems I have been dispensing them for recreational use.  Unfortunately my kids have developed an obsession with band-aids and I don’t even buy the fun ones!  At my house, every superficial scrape that never ever bled requires a band-aid, as does a dried up old scab or even a bruise.  I stash band-aids upstairs, downstairs, in my purse, diaper bag and car because someone is always asking.   

One might say I’ve enabled the band-aid habit and one might be right.  Just this morning I realized this band-aid thing had gone way too far when Little BooBoo poked himself in the eye and begged for a band-aid, good times. 


  1. Oh my goodness, I’m cracking up because you’ve really brought back the memories! My kids went through so many band-aids you’d have thought they were stickers! Problem was, we’d run out when we truly DID need a band-aid. Ha, ha! I suggest keeping a box hidden just in case.

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