4 Fairy Tale Myths You Need to Let Go of Right Now!

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve spent most of your romantic life trying to reconcile love’s myth vs. reality. Check out 4 of the most dangerous romantic myths we grapple with along with healthier alternatives to consider.

Dear Husband, I’m Tired of Being the “Bad Cop”

Dear Husband, You’re a fantastical father in a million-billion ways. You’re fun, exciting, entertaining, and hilarious – all qualities our kids (and I) have come to know and love about you. But when it comes to being the “bad cop” in parenting, I sense that you miss the kids too much to want to get […]

Science Confirms Boobs are Magical

So here’s the thing, heterosexual men really like love are obsessed with female breasts. Ladies, since the moment we started stuffing our bras in junior high we’ve known this, but what we didn’t really know was why. They’re boobs, mounds of fleshy flesh that require monthly self-checking, and proper support. What’s the big deal? Two […]

Who’s Unfaithful in a Marriage and Why?

Think you know a cheater when you see one? Chances are you’re wrong. As husbands and wives periodically drift together and apart on their marital journey, one truth remains certain: every marriage is susceptible to infidelity. While the definition of infidelity varies greatly, betrayal of a partner’s trust is arguably the most difficult marital obstacle […]

15 Questions You Should Never Ask a Man

Beyond, “Mom, can I have a snack?” there are questions I hatebeing asked, particularly by men. From whether or not I’m on my period to what the hell I do all day, questions such as these ballsy and inconsiderate. When my fellow Babble blogger, Marinka tackled 5 Questions Men Should Not Ask Women, my mind […]

34 Percent of Men Fake it in Bed and Other Fascinating Man Stats

Think you know men? You might want to think again. According to AskMen.com’s 2012 “Great Male Survey”, women haven’t cornered the market on faking it in the bedroom. Thirty-four percent of men admitted faking orgasm on one or multiple occasions. Gasp! What do you mean vaginas aren’t magical? Faking orgasm wasn’t all AskMen.com’s survey of […]

12 Rom-Coms He Won’t Hate

I can enjoy a good old-fashioned rom-com with the best of ‘em. My husband however, cannot. Until now. Snuggle up with your honey and check out these 12 Romantic Comedies He’ll Actually Enjoy.

Love Me, Love my Blog

Little did I know that once you become a blogger, your blog becomes you.  Some sort of ultra-futuristic cosmic mind meld thing happens and before you know it, you and your blog become one in the same.  People ask about you, you talk about your blog – awesome personality trait. Then a funny thing happens: […]

I Really Love My Husband

OK, don’t gag when I tell you this…I really love my husband. I do.  My eyeballs are totally doing that cartoon beating heart thing as I type this. The day I met Big Daddy P (aka “Peaches” back then), sparks really flew for me.  I wrote about that lightning bolt of love thing once before, you […]

The Annual Midlife Crisis

Big Daddy P turned 35 last weekend.  Holy hell, his life is over. On the eve of his 25th birthday (a decade ago), he had a certifiable quarter-life crisis.  He was all, “What have I done with my life? / Who am I? / Where am I going? / blah, blah, blah.”  I was really […]