The Baby Shop is Closed

[Image credit] I gave away the baby stuff, every last trace of it.  It’s like I never had a baby (or two). Little BooBoo is nearly 3 years old and moving into the glorious and bittersweet age of self-sufficiency.  I no longer have to carry a 50 pound diaper bag wherever I go, I’m back to […]

Going on Tour

[Image credit] It’s July, do you know where your husband is? I know where mine is, he’s glued to the TV.  It happens every July at exactly this time, the Tour de France. Many of you have husbands who enjoy sports and I’m willing to bet some of those husbands obsess over sports.  I’ve got me […]

Happy Father’s Day!

[Image Credit] Did you know this Father’s Day marks the 100th anniversary of celebrating dads on this special day?  A thoughtful daughter came up with the idea while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon in 1909.  A year later she chose to hold the first Father’s Day celebration in Spokane, Washington on the 19th of June, […]

All The Single Ladies

How you doin’? I have a cute husband; he is kind, baby-faced and in great physical shape.  I also have cute kids, like really.  Now I know your man and your kids are cute too, like really, so stay with me here. In complex mathematical terms, this is how I see the equation: Cute Daddy Friend + […]

Where the Wild Things Are

Like a lot of Mommy Friends, I crave a peaceful home environment and we all know life with children isn’t exactly conducive to such cravings. I’ve said it a million times before, in my house there’s either laughter or tears with very little in between. I’m starting to wonder if “nice play” is a child […]

The Women Rules

You’ve got a big butt and I cannot lie. Children are the most honest creatures you will ever meet.  Let me preface that by saying children are the most honest creatures you will ever meet about the things that won’t get them in trouble…or at least the things they think won’t get them in trouble. […]

Weekend Getaway

Every once in a blue moon, if the stars are aligned and you are lucky enough to weasel your way into a babysitter, you get to have yourself a weekend getaway. Like date night, the weekend getaway is designed to give you and your partner a mini-vacay from your awesome kids and the opportunity for your babysitter to […]

Daddy Friends

There are some damn fine Daddy Friends out there. Dads deserve a great deal of appreciation for all they do in support of their families.  I’ve compiled a list because I’m in the dad-loving mood and there’s no telling how long it will last.  Kidding, kidding, ahem…     Why We Love Dad  1.  Dad carries all the heavy […]

My Way

I like things done a certain way and ever since this here site became so blogtastic (Big Daddy P’s word), I’ve become so preoccupied writing that my domestic responsibilities have suffered immeasurably. For all my friends out there who have been secretly dying to see my house in shambles for years, now is your chance, […]

Your Husband, Your Kid?

A Note to Big Daddy P: You have been such a good sport to be the subject this blog entry; just another reason to love you. Mommy Friends, tell me I am not the only one whose husband is yet another child she has become mom to. Let me preface this by saying Big Daddy […]