Going on Tour

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It’s July, do you know where your husband is?

I know where mine is, he’s glued to the TV.  It happens every July at exactly this time, the Tour de France.

Many of you have husbands who enjoy sports and I’m willing to bet some of those husbands obsess over sports.  I’ve got me one of those, the obsessive kind, particularly during the Tour de France.

The Tour de France is 21 stages, lasts 22 days and is 2,153 miles.  It is broadcast approximately 8 hours a day for those 22 days.  Mommy Friends, that equates to 176 hours Tour programming in only 3 weeks!  In other words, a %$#@ load of cycling programming.

Big Daddy P, while normally the most giving husband and father transforms into a greedy TV monger during the month of July.  Unwilling to share his TV with women or children, he slips into a cycling coma for which there is no cure.  Even if I could come to terms with the intensive cycling programming, there is still the online commentary and various Twitter racing updates to contend with. 

[Image credit] Lance Armstrong, 7 time consecutive Tour winner

Aside from the Tour de France, cycling season lasts about 6 months out of the year and includes The Ardennes and Spring Classics as well as Giro, Vuelta and Fall Classics.  Thankfully, I can usually shove my 16 and Pregnant to the head of the DVR line but never in the month of July.

Who will win the polka dot jersey?  Yes, I said polka dot…the guy who reaches the top of the high mountain first gets it or something.  Sounds like a fashion faux paux to me.

[Image creditTom Boonen, leader of the peloton and my heart.

Big Daddy P believes Armstrong is the dark horse to win and Cancellara is guaranteed Time Trial stage wins and I should never have to know that, and neither should you.  All I know is that Tom Boonen is out of the race this year due to a knee injury and that is a crying shame because he is some super fine eye candy.  And that, dear Mommy Friends, is information you might actually care to know.

Cycling stole my husband, made him thinner than I am and has robbed me of and entire month of Glee re-runs.  It’s a cruel, cruel summer.



  1. Your Mommy Friend Lori says:

    It lasts far too long and by Lance’s performance this year I’m thinking he agrees.  Nice to have you back visiting Beautiful!

  2. I’ve got to tell you I know NOTHING about the Tour de France! I keep hearing about it and seeing it listed on tv and wonder — just how long does it last?! Now I know! 😉 I hope you get to watch Glee again soon!

  3. Your Mommy Friend Lori says:

    Oh my gosh Life WIthout Pink, I think we are living parallel lives.  I just checked our DVR, it is 92% full from only 4 days of Tour coverage!  It’s bad enough I’m missing Glee, now I can’t record it either?  July 25th can’t come fast enough.

  4. Thank goodness my husband isn’t a huge cycling fan, but he IS a huge Steelers fan…so football season is all about the boys from the ‘Burgh (which I actually don’t mind!) Miss you. Sorry I have really been MIA lately!

  5. my hubby is a soccer & baseball fan. The other night he was sitting at the lap top computer with the radio on listening and watching the baseball game while looking up soccer stats. sigh!
    I agree with Irene that the eye candy is great and blessings that soccer is only every 4 years.
    and if I get to go to the Faith Day game each year I can tolerate the baseball. This year is Jeremy Camp! woot!

  6. OMG I am in the same boat! My hubby LOVES watching the Tour de France and now has my 4 yr old watching it. He use to bike a lot more {now a days he never gets a chance}. I let him slide though because I actually enjoy watching it too!

  7. I feel ya mommy friend! You see my husband is the biggest soccer fan I know. In fact, when we first began dating he STILL played on THREE that’s right THREE different leagues and two of them were on Sunday’s..so much for our ONE day off together. I am happy to report that he plays only one league now:) For those who don’t know, the World Cup takes place for one month from June thru July BUT it only takes place every 4 years – yippie!And thank goodness because it’s in a different country each time and this year it’s held in South Africa, which means games are at 6:30 & 11 am!!!!I must admit I have grown to love the sport and I am so thankful for being a SAHM this month because I get to watch the games then go back to bed!! hee hee. Not to mention soccer has thee best eye candy in all sports!!! My advice to you mommy friend, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! You just might enjoy cycling??!!

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