Weekend Getaway

Every once in a blue moon, if the stars are aligned and you are lucky enough to weasel your way into a babysitter, you get to have yourself a weekend getaway.

Like date night, the weekend getaway is designed to give you and your partner a mini-vacay from your awesome kids and the opportunity for your babysitter to remember why your kids are so awesome.  Weekend getaways are also an excellent excuse to buy a few new things to wear and plan a romantical jaunt.  Ah, the best laid plans.

Before any of the real fun begins there are logistics and logistics are enough to spoil a good time.  After infinite packing and double-checking the locks 3 times, we loaded up the Honda, charged the iPod and hit the road. 

Destination: Vegas.

In true California style, the minute we hit the 15N, this was what we saw:

Big Daddy P handled the traffic well:

I was feeling no pain, I had my iPod (Eddie Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight”, anyone, anyone?):

Road pictures always seem like a stellar idea when you’re traveling.  Turns out they are usually very lame when you view them later.

My lame road shots:

Actually, the above shot made me feel very U2 “Joshua Tree” and all kinds of deep so this one isn’t that lame.

Finally we arrived at Grammy and Poppy’s house in Las Vegas.  Yes, I have a babysitter in the land of Lost Wages, I’m already a winner!

After our visit with Grammy and Poppy it was time to say goodbye, notice how totally sad Big Daddy P and I look.


It was time for the grown-ups to play!

We stayed at Treasure Island.

This was our room; it was pretty much all bed. 

While our room was not a penthouse, this bed was waaay better than our bed at home and the room was waaay darker than our room at home as well.  All of these factors made this the best hotel room in the universe.

So weekend getaways are supposed to be all romantic and stuff but since Big Daddy P has been working 70+ hours a week and I have been working and caring for my kiddies like a single mother, all we really wanted to do was sleep and eat a meal uninterrupted.  Of course no weekend getaway would be complete without texting your babysitter every 5 minutes, it’s the responsible thing to do.

Actual texts I sent to Grammy:
“Need them picked up yet?”
“Hope you guys are surviving.”
“Can you come live with me?”

Actual Texts Grammy sent to me:
“Movie & kids were great.  [Little BooBoo] slept part of the time.  On our way home.  Have fun!”
“[Little BooBoo] is asleep and [eldest] is watching TV in our room!  All is well!  Have fun!”
“No problems!  We’re tough cookies, LOL!”
“Have lots of fun!”

Having done my due diligence by checking on my boys at least a dozen times, Big Daddy P and I got busy…


We slept 10 hours the first night, who does that?  Can you even remember the last time you slept 10 hours?  It was either on a weekend getaway or it was before you had kids because that just never happens.  Feeling all kinds of brand new from all that sinful sleep we hit Vegas to see what we could see.

He lost.

I won.  Then I lost.

I don’t know what this means but my Sobe cap was trying to tell me something.

So “Love Bus For Life” friends, live it.

I mean, of course.

Big Daddy P got eaten by a lion, that sorta sucked.

Then he plotted his revenge.

Soon enough we got some naughty and indulgent ideas.

You ready for this?

I wrote and Big Daddy P…


Two wild and crazy kids.

We mustered up enough energy to see Cirque du Soleil Mystere, amazazing. 

Here we are all dressed up but I look all nakey.

I wasn’t.

The next morning we were reunited with our kiddies and it felt so good…until they started fighting…and then it didn’t.

Weekend getaways are wonderful to reconnect, have some fun and lots of…wait for it, wait for it…sleep.


  1. I was BORN in Vegas, ahah – no joke. Anyway last time I was there was when I was a child, we use to go every summer and I love that place.Anyway, I remember right before I was pregnant (that probably had a little bit to do with the lil angel) we went to Orlando and had a timeshare at the time and wow I loved just being there and doing NOTHING. It was valentines weekend and we just went to shops to look, knowing we weren’t gonna get nothing, We laid by the pool, met up with neighbors who came out there for dinner. Oh, highlight? Me, and just me, getting onto this right where its a two seater that shoots you into the sky – it was AWESOME. Funniest part theres a camera recording the whole experience you can purchase, i just watched my awesome reaction. Loads of fun!!

  2. Sounds like a great getaway. And the sleep! I’m so jealous. In the best way possible 🙂

  3. That’s great that you two could get away. Sounds like you have babysitters in the best spot! You look great! I bet Cirque du Soleil was awesome!!!

  4. we need to find a new sitter. I could use some sleep. he he actually our kid does let us sleep now, I could just use some time with the hubs. oh well, maybe when she goes to camp… now watch that will be the week hubs had to go out of town again!

  5. You SO made me want to take a trip to Vegas! Maybe a babymoon is in order. Strawberry daqeries (Virgin, ofcourse!) by the pool sound good right about now.http://fabumom.blogspot.com

  6. You’ve got a really great blog here!Happy FF! If you get the chance, would you please follow me too at http://www.mommylivingthelifeofriley.comHave a great weekend!

  7. I have to agree that sleep would probably be first and foremost on mine and my husband’s minds too! (Sad, isn’t it?!) So glad you got away and had a great time!

    Your boys are ADORABLE!!!!!

  8. Ok, seriously – can you both be any cuter? Ummm, no. 😉

    Vegas looked awesome! I went with my hubs pre-kids and it was a blast!!! I cracked up when I saw the pic of you with the laptop open in the hotel! lol

    But you’re right, those weekends are so needed to re-connect. My date night is just dinner tomorrow with my man – but I’ll take whatever I can get!!!

  9. Looks like a fun vacay but I gotta say “Boooooooooo” to the Eddie Money 🙂

  10. Hi! First of all, you look gorgeous!!! Your blog is so cute and this post is hilarious and so true – remember that commercial where the babysitter comes over and the parents just go to sleep? We have a “Booboo” too! And it’s our 2nd son too!

  11. OMG Lori! LOVE Vegas, and this post. You two look adorable. I so get the sleep thing!

  12. Sounds like a great weekend! Don’t worry, you’ll be able to start getting 10 hours of sleep again when the kids are in their teens 🙂

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