Clowns are Scary: A Cautionary Tale of Survival

Does this clown scare you?  I’m sorry, in fact if your kid is on your lap then I’m really, really sorry. I’m here to tell you we met one just like him – only scarier. Click here for all the gritty details and lessons learned.

The Annual Midlife Crisis

Big Daddy P turned 35 last weekend.  Holy hell, his life is over. On the eve of his 25th birthday (a decade ago), he had a certifiable quarter-life crisis.  He was all, “What have I done with my life? / Who am I? / Where am I going? / blah, blah, blah.”  I was really […]

A Letter to Boy Wonder on his 8th Birthday

  My Dearest Boy Wonder, Everything I have learned about motherhood was first taught by you.  How quickly 8 wonderful years have passed.  I remember being 8 really well and trying so hard in school and struggling.  I remember fighting with my friends, hating piano lessons and slowly discovering life wasn’t fair.  I remember all […]