Dear Husband, I’m Tired of Being the “Bad Cop”

Dear Husband, You’re a fantastical father in a million-billion ways. You’re fun, exciting, entertaining, and hilarious – all qualities our kids (and I) have come to know and love about you. But when it comes to being the “bad cop” in parenting, I sense that you miss the kids too much to want to get […]

When Your Kid is on Restriction, You’re on Restriction

Being grounded sucks, for me. If you’ve ever put your kid on restriction as a form of discipline, you quickly realize it’s punishment for the whole fam damily. Check out my personal experience held up in the Mommyfriend compound; let’s just say it does things to a person.

The Bad Attitude Jar

Boy Wonder’s his bad attitude seems to be getting lots of play lately. I’ve been forced to hit him where it hurts most – his pocketbook.