Stock Photography Proves You’ve Been Doing Home improvement All Wrong

As a blogger, I’ve written about the comical world of stock photography on multiple occasions. First there were the 25 things stock photography taught us about love, followed by the 18 valuable lessons stock photography taught us about parenting, and let us never forget the 18 pictures of people having a more magical holiday than […]

10 Things Your Man Doesn’t Want to Hear During Home Improvement

Ladies, let me start off by saying that this post was most certainly not my idea. My husband and I have been the proud owners of two homes in the 14 years we’ve been married and in that time there’s been a lot of loving, a lot of fighting, a lot of home improvement, and a lot […]

10 Ways Choosing a Paint Color is Like Choosing a Partner

The paint department is perhaps the only place in life where a genuine rainbow of possibility awaits. You’re drawn to the pretty colors and hypnotized by the prism of chromatic variation and paint knows it; that’s how it sucks you in. But all the pretty, pretty colors harbor a dark and callous secret: Paint can […]

Hi, We’re Your New Neighbors!

Big Daddy P a is joining me on Babble’s Home channel to document our total home transformation! Learn more about it and take a tour of our home by clicking here!

4 Fairy Tale Myths You Need to Let Go of Right Now!

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve spent most of your romantic life trying to reconcile love’s myth vs. reality. Check out 4 of the most dangerous romantic myths we grapple with along with healthier alternatives to consider.

Digital Rules for Couples

Hi Friends, I’m honored to be over at Randi Zuckerberg’s (yes, that Zuckerberg) Dot Complicated dishing on digital rules to bring couples closer together.

20 Things I Want My Kids to Know About Falling in Love

Falling in love is as exciting as it is terrifying. Never is one less in control of their heart and rational mind than once they’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow. Love causes unfamiliar and addictive emotions to surface, calling us to act in ways we never thought we would and feel things best expressed by […]

Dear Husband, I’m Tired of Being the “Bad Cop”

Dear Husband, You’re a fantastical father in a million-billion ways. You’re fun, exciting, entertaining, and hilarious – all qualities our kids (and I) have come to know and love about you. But when it comes to being the “bad cop” in parenting, I sense that you miss the kids too much to want to get […]

My Sons’ 12 Rules for Dating

When I think about my sons dating, I feel like I want to hurl. Not only because of the obvious dangers of casual teenage sex, but because teenage boys are stupid. Too young to know love from lust, funny from offensive, and often, respectful from disrespectful. I also worry about their tender hearts. I know, […]

A Better Marriage Can Be Yours in 4.5 Minutes

Let’s be honest here, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah right, what can I do in 4.5 minutes that’s going to help my marriage?” I sense the skepticism, friends, but that’s only because I shared the same doubts. But listen, there’s this guy, Jim Fannin who wrote a piece for Esquire on how to improve your marriage […]