10 Ways Choosing a Paint Color is Like Choosing a Partner


The paint department is perhaps the only place in life where a genuine rainbow of possibility awaits. You’re drawn to the pretty colors and hypnotized by the prism of chromatic variation and paint knows it; that’s how it sucks you in.

But all the pretty, pretty colors harbor a dark and callous secret: Paint can be a fickle pigment of lies.

photo (137)We’ve all been there, hunting and pecking in paint chip wonderland, when suddenly everything we thought we knew about something as simple as the color white comes into question. Who knew there were so many shades? When, how, and why did the color white become the greatest abstruse conundrum of the 21st century? And white is only the beginning.

Should you decide to use color to convey a feeling, you’ll spend a cool fortune on paint samples, eventually settle on a color, paint an entire room, hate it and then curse the Titanium dioxide it’s made with…or so I hear.

Ultimately, the paint color you select represents an investment of time, money, and emotional energy. Hmm, doesn’t sound so different that choosing a mate, now does it? Click on to read about the 10 ways choosing a paint color is like choosing a partner.

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