10 Things Disabled Parents Want You to Know

Disabled parents

You may or may not know that I have a disabled mother. I’ve written about my mom’s experience with polio and what it’s meant for both of us. The thing about my mother is that she’s a survivor like so many parents out there.

My mom has experienced physical pain that I’ve never had to, faced discrimination that I’ve never known, and continues to suffer from limitations that even I, as her daughter, cannot fully understand.

Like so many survivors, my mom is filled with grace. She understands when people are impolitely curious. She seeks to educate the misinformed, and has never allowed her limitations to manifest themselves into a bitter spirit.

Growing up with a disabled mom taught me a lot of character. I understood from a very young age that the things that seem to make us different, rarely if ever do.

As a blogger, I have the rare and wonderful opportunity to not only write about the matters that are close to my heart, but to collect the voices of others to share and today I marry those opportunities in this post. I sought out the voices of disabled parents to share this list of 10 things disabled parents want you to know. Let’s take a listen.



  1. I’m a disabled mum with 2 very young children. Your mum must be so proud of you. You sound like a wonderful, well grounded, individual.

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