25 Stunning Wall Decals from Etsy

I have this wall – a big, blank, sad-looking, no-one-knows-what-to-do-with-this-wall wall. “The wall” as it’s affectionately known has become the source of intense debate among residents and houseguests alike. As the focal point of our living space, this wall is begging to make a powerful design statement – but how? After much deliberation, I finally […]

5 Easy Ways to Include Your Kids in Home Improvement Projects

There are few things that cause a greater divide between parents and children than home improvement. Home improvement is dangerous, messy, and often the source of intense frustration, so whataya get when you add kids into your home improvement mix? A surprisingly sweeter home sweet home. Your house is so much more than where you […]

Stock Photography Proves You’ve Been Doing Home improvement All Wrong

As a blogger, I’ve written about the comical world of stock photography on multiple occasions. First there were the 25 things stock photography taught us about love, followed by the 18 valuable lessons stock photography taught us about parenting, and let us never forget the 18 pictures of people having a more magical holiday than […]

10 Things Your Man Doesn’t Want to Hear During Home Improvement

Ladies, let me start off by saying that this post was most certainly not my idea. My husband and I have been the proud owners of two homes in the 14 years we’ve been married and in that time there’s been a lot of loving, a lot of fighting, a lot of home improvement, and a lot […]

Hi, We’re Your New Neighbors!

Big Daddy P a is joining me on Babble’s Home channel to document our total home transformation! Learn more about it and take a tour of our home by clicking here!

Adventures in Bedroom Painting: Days 2-5

If you missed Adventures in Bedroom Painting: Day 1, you can check it out here. I’m so over my stupid bedroom right now. Like everything, this endeavor started out super fun and quickly became the suckiest, most frustrating project ever. I’m high on paint fumes as I type so forgive the PVC induced snark. Happier […]

Adventures in Bedroom Painting: Day 1

For Christmas Big Daddy P promised to paint the bedroom with a good attitude. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift. Big Daddy P hates painting, like probably more than he should and the “good attitude” part was huge for him. As I said before, we are not good DIY partners. Home improvement projects usually […]

Stand Back, This Chick Has Tools

About every three years I get a big old stick up my butt to handle tools and attempt to build and/or craft myself into oblivion. I’m not really sure why it happens, but my hands just get itchy to create something beautiful. In truth, you won’t be blown away by the DIYness of this blog post […]