25 Stunning Wall Decals from Etsy


I have this wall – a big, blank, sad-looking, no-one-knows-what-to-do-with-this-wall wall. “The wall” as it’s affectionately known has become the source of intense debate among residents and houseguests alike. As the focal point of our living space, this wall is begging to make a powerful design statement – but how?

After much deliberation, I finally decided to go with wallpaper, only to realize that wallpaper is expensive and I don’t know the first thing about hanging the stuff. And what if I hated it? It would be a total bitch to remove. I then discovered temporary (or repositionable) wallpaper (yay!), but quickly learned that it too happens to be really expensive (boo!).

With wallpapers out of the question and zero desire to try my hand at stenciling, I learned of the transformative design properties of vinyl wall decals. Before you toss your nose up in the air, you ought to know that wall decals have come a long way, baby! With endless design and placement possibilities, vinyl wall decals serve as an inexpensive and goof-proof alternative to wallpaper and paint. The best part: vinyl wall decals are easy to apply and completely removable without damaging the wall!

Take a look at 25 of the most gorgeous wall decals to be found on Etsy and get inspired!

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