25 Best Educational Boards on Pinterest

Best educational boards on Pinterest

I’m obsessed with Pinterest for everything from smoothie recipes to tutorials on how to create the perfect beachy waves, but never once used Pinterest as an educational resource for my kids.

“Lori, you’re crazy!” said my friend (and 1st grade teacher), Krissy. “Pinterest is full of ingenious ideas to make learning fun!” I was sure she was right, but still, I reserved my sacred pinning time for all things fashion, food, and home decor. Then just last week at Back-to-School Night, parents and teachers were buzzing about their favorite educational boards on Pinterest. In hearing about all the creative ways educators were sharing ideas with their fellow teachers and parents on Pinterest, I was inspired to check out all that I had been missing.

You guys, OMG. Pinterest covers everything education. From the ancient civilizations Boy Wonder is tackling in 6th grade, to tips and tricks on counting money and telling time for my reluctant 1st grade learner. As it turns out, my friend Krissy was right – Pinterest is the educational resource I’ve been missing.

I sought to uncover the very best educational boards on Pinterest for my personal reference and soon realized, Hey, my fellow parents can use this too! 

Take a look at the 25 best educational boards on Pinterest that you can use again and again to make learning fun this school year!

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