10 Things Your Man Doesn’t Want to Hear During Home Improvement


Ladies, let me start off by saying that this post was most certainly not my idea.

My husband and I have been the proud owners of two homes in the 14 years we’ve been married and in that time there’s been a lot of loving, a lot of fighting, a lot of home improvement, and a lot of fighting about home improvement. But thankfully despite our share of DIY misses, we’ve made it through the other side with the ability to laugh about it.

It is with good humor that Big Daddy P takes the blogging reins on this post to tell us how he really feels on behalf of handy husbands and partners everywhere.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 things your man apparently doesn’t want to hear during home improvement projects.


  1. I and my husband are planning to do the same for next month, and i am pretty sure about it that we will fight each other like before as our thinking does not even match little bit when it comes up to Home Improvement.

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