Adventures in Bedroom Painting: Day 1

For Christmas Big Daddy P promised to paint the bedroom with a good attitude. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift.

Big Daddy P hates painting, like probably more than he should and the “good attitude” part was huge for him. As I said before, we are not good DIY partners. Home improvement projects usually lead to the silent treatment at Lowe’s and sloppy passive-aggressive work that needs to be redone once tempers are calmed.

Our bedroom walls were beige which wouldn’t have been so terrible if they weren’t high gloss. Who paints a bedroom in high gloss? Apparently the McKinley’s do because that’s who we bought the house from nearly 5 years ago.

A couple of things to know about painting a bedroom high gloss, in case you ever unfortunately consider it: 1) It will make your room look like a bathroom 2) It attracts dust like you would not believe. You will literally have to dust your walls weekly. 3) It reflects light like all over the place and it’s blinding even in low light.


Before again

We decided to paint the bedroom a calming blue. Well hell, if there aren’t 6,000 blues to choose from: greeny-blue, purpley-blue, grey-blue, blue-blue – ack!

We bought sample after $3.95 sample.

None of the samples worked, they were either a little too bright or a little too dark.

Big Daddy P, just wanting to be done with the whole situation suggested we buy two gallons on the fly with nothing more than a paint chip to guide us (what? no sample? REBEL!). I was scared – and I liked it.

We settled for Sparkling Lake Blue and prayed.

The following day Big Daddy P had to go into work and I sat around the house eating chocolate chip cookies. I was pissed because dammit, we had the paint. The more I ate, the more irritated I became until I realized, “Hey, I don’t need him!”


OK, so the blue looks light but it’s not. Think subdued Tiffany Blue and you’re there.

Big Daddy P arrived home to find me finishing up my first wall; suckah!

Boy Wonder got in on the action.

I forced Big Daddy P to get straight to work. A promise is a freakin’ promise and my arm was sore.

He wasn’t too thrilled about it.

I didn’t care.

Actually, he was a great sport.

We painted all day…

…and right before I was about to announce we made it through a day of painting without a paintastrophe, I stepped into the paint tray. Like a damn cartoon character, I stepped into the freaking paint tray.

This is the leg of an idiot.

I was wearing pants and slippers and my leg still got smurfed.

This is our bedroom today. The trim and adjoining bathroom and vanity are next.

Stay tuned.


  1. Looks so nice. Really great color and good for you for jumping in and getting it started!

  2. Love the color! Cute post.

  3. Awww the joy of painting. Funny I start the projects and Hubs has to finish them because I bitch that its hard and my arms hurt..Whaaaaa….lol
    Happy Painting!!

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