A Simple Christmas

This Christmas was like no other; it was simple.

I thought I was modest with our children’s gifts last year but Big Daddy P was repulsed by how many gifts were torn open, glanced at and tossed aside. He vowed then, never again.

My husband is a simple man. Having grown up outside the States, he’s witnessed true poverty and need. He believes everyone should be poor in their life twice; growing up without and then earning it all only to lose it all at least once for the sake of humility.

This Christmas was made simple for a few reasons: 1) Big Daddy P was right about last Christmas; less is more. 2) I’m not working full-time anymore; less had to be more.

I am delighted to report that my kids didn’t even realize the difference. How is that even possible? Gosh, I don’t know.

Big Daddy P and I didn’t even exchange gifts. We decided to paint our bedroom without fighting as our Christmas gift to each other. Maybe you and your partner are good at DIY projects together; we at the Mommyfriend mansion are not.

So today we’re off to collect paint samples and settle on a shade of blue and I’m just tickled pink.

For a slideshow of our complete Christmas morning, visit Babble’s Kid Scoop.

How was your Christmas? Tell me all about it!


  1. We mostly do our shopping at second hand stores and ebay. It’s so fun to find treasures. John got cashmere scarves for the boys for $6! There are ways to get gifts and not spend too much money. And by the way… every year we say it, but, it was the best Christmas ever!!

  2. That sounds like a perfect Christmas. And your husband is absolutely right about being poor.


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