Adventures in Bedroom Painting: Days 2-5

If you missed Adventures in Bedroom Painting: Day 1, you can check it out here.

I’m so over my stupid bedroom right now. Like everything, this endeavor started out super fun and quickly became the suckiest, most frustrating project ever. I’m high on paint fumes as I type so forgive the PVC induced snark.

Happier times:

After the walls were painted, all the crappy detail stuff remained. Stuff like baseboards, cleaning up the seams, changing the blinds, etc.

We made our 17th trip to Lowe’s for custom cut Levolor blinds; only to find out they were cut too short.

Big Daddy P was way pissed at Eric (Sales Associate who cut the blinds) since the mounting brackets had already been installed…that, and the fact that he didn’t even want to spend $163.57 on new blinds in the first place.

Our view sans blinds:

Ignore the bird poop on the window

On our 18th trip to Lowe’s and a few choice curse words later, we (I mean “he”) was ready to install them.

I painted and painted and painted some more. At this point the only good thing about painting was the glorious and gratifying pull of the painter’s tape.

All the outlets were like ugly beige so I decided those needed to be changed out. Big Daddy P wasn’t super happy about it but who really cared at this point. Trip #19 was made to Lowe’s.

Ugly outlets be gone!

I even bought a couple of the super embellished pretty ones. Oo la la! Boy Wonder says they make us look rich; silly kid.

It was at this point that I decided to race downstairs for some coffee and I stubbed the $%#& out of my toe. I heard a crack. I felt a crack. I saw stars. I collapsed to the floor.

Yep, I broke my toe.

Mere moments after

It has since swelled to the size of a mini balloon and turned completely black. It hurts like a mother.

The trooper that I was still managed to hobble downstairs to cook dinner. I never did get a medal for it. What’s up with that?

The next few days we touched up and painted the adjoining walls this lovely Valspar Malted Milk color.

The kids are so over all this home improvement; join the club kids.

Between not feeling so hot and all the paint fumes, we spent days 3-5 doing little jobs and then collapsing into bed.

Next up: Closet organizer and new vanity? Oh, my checkbook hurts.


  1. Lovely! Sorry about the toe – ouch! Always do the tedious trim work first when you’re still excited about the project that way when you’re over it all you have to do is slap some paint on the walls 🙂

  2. LOL: “I never did get a medal for it. What’s up with that?” That toe looks AWFUL! Feel better. GORGEOUS view btw!

  3. I did the closest yesterday – WAY better than painting I assure you. Last time we painted I HATED the color and we had to start all over again (including doors and ceilings). Embarassing how many times we went to the paint store…..Good luck with your next project!

  4. Oh-em-geee!!! I was so hurting of for your toe! OUCH!!! On the bright side, the improvements look great! It’s amazing how much of a difference even the smallest accents make. Good work! 🙂


  5. the view from your room makes me hella jealous. I should take a photo for you from the view from our room.

    Love the color you chose!

  6. I love the color of the room…hate the color of your toe. Hope you feel better, mama.

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