5 Ways to Really Help a New Mom

There’s perhaps nothing more exciting than the birth of a new baby. From those itty bitty toes to that sweet baby smell, the precious newness of a brand-new baby is nothing short of intoxicating…but that’s easy for us to say, we slept through the night! While a new mom undoubtedly shares in the immense joy […]

Best Advice for New Moms from a Mother Who’s Been There

New motherhood isn’t easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest, most frightening, most rewarding jobs you’ll ever sign up for. From the moment you first begin to sport that itty bitty baby bump, people are quick to offer parenting advice – some of it good, some of it bad, some of it interesting, and […]

15 Pricey Baby Items You Can Definitely Do Without

It’s hard to separate baby necessity fact from fiction as a new mom. You want to do it all and you want to do it right, but wading through baby registry checklists and intense baby marketing ploys are enough to strike serious panic into your heart (and your bank account). The good news is that […]

5 Reasons Every Pregnancy Deserves a Baby Shower

Traditionally, baby showers were hosted by mothers for first-time mothers to “shower” her with valuable maternal information and necessary items to transition to motherhood. Since then, the baby shower tradition has evolved from one of education to all out celebration. From co-ed baby showers to showers for dad, grandma, and more, no rules seem to […]

7 Reasons Kate Middleton Should Start Reading Mom Blogs

As the world rejoices the birth of His Royal Highness Prince of Cambridge, I have more than the fate of the British monarchy on my mind. As a mother, I have my sights set on Kate. While it may seem that the collective world population is standing in Kate’s corner, I suspect all of the […]

5 Tips for a Mess-Free Eating Session With Kids

Have a messy eater? Once upon I a time, I did too. Check out my 5 greatest tips on how to have a mess-free feeding session with kids!

Can Someone Else’s Baby Make You Pregnant?

If you read the title and you’re scratching your head, allow me to explain. Last week I had the pleasure of babysitting a 6-month-old baby girl who I will affectionately refer to as “Baby Girl.” (Clever, no?) Baby Girl and I made fast friends as her 6-year-old big brother and BooBoo were classmates last year. […]

10 Things Every New Mother Wishes She Could Say Out Loud

It’s not often that I write a piece that has me snort-laughing at my own computer screen, but this piece written for Mom.Me had me doing just that. If you’re a new mom or remember being a new mom, I think you’ll appreciate snarky Mommyfriend coming out to play. Man, that chick is devilish…

Remembering the Baby I Lost

Today, October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. All around the world, mothers are lighting candles in remembrance of their angels that were lost too soon. Six years ago I became one in four women to experience a miscarriage. While I may have gone on to give birth to a healthy baby boy […]

7 Things Women Who Are a Little Bit Done Having Babies Do

Not that you need to know (or particularly care) about my gynecological haps, but I need to have my IUD replaced next month, or not. Either way, I have to place my feel in the cold, cold stirrups, scoot my business waaaaay down on the edge of the exam table and allow a licensed professional […]