My Kid is Forcing Me to be Friendly

You know me, I’m totally friendly but this is ridiculous.

Readers Share Their Favorite Embarrassing Toddler Pics Again!

If you saw round 1 of readers sharing their favorite embarrassing toddler pictures on Babble, you had yourself a good laugh. Get ready for round 2, and yes – the sequel is just as good as the original. Click here for all the toddler fun! God I love toddlers.

The 5 Second Rule: A Little Dirt Never Hurt Anybody?

You know your kids follow the “5 Second Rule” like it’s a religion but how do you feel about it? Click here to learn what the experts have to say about it, along with why I’m pretty sure they’re wrong.

Readers Share Their Favorite Embarrassing Toddler Photos!

Photo courtesy: Jackie Webb I asked. Boy, did you ever respond (freaking LOVE you for that)! Even my mom got in on the action… Click here to see these totally awesome toddlers caught in the act of being toddlers! This post was so much fun, I’m compiling more embarrassing toddler pics for round two so email them […]

I Want Your Embarrassing Toddler Photos!

  I’m creating a slideshow on Babble’s Toddler Times of embarrassing toddler photos – you know, the ones you totally HAVE to take for future blackmail because they are just THAT good? I’m asking for your photos if you’re interested in contributing! I know these awesome pics sometimes involve butt nudity but I’m not even gonna […]

How to Have a Happy Haircut

It’s possible to have a happy haircut experience with your toddler.  If you would have told me that when Boy Wonder was a toddler I would have laughed in your face (and then cried a little). I did some research (crazy, no? I usually make this crap up) and found a few solid tips and tricks […]

You Have a Toddler, I Have a Toddler: Let’s be Friends

Toddlers are crazy, don’t go it alone. Click here, let’s hook-up.

Earthquakes and Kids: What You Need to Know

Still shakin’ in your boots from Tuesday’s 5.8 magnitude earthquake? Click here, you’ll be glad you did (at least I think you will).

Toddlers and Carnival Rides Don’t Mix

Poor BooBoo! Get the spine-tingling story here.

My Toddler has a TV in his Room and I’m Not Sorry

I make no apology for the fact that my toddler has a TV in his room for one very simple reason: Kids love TV and parents love that kids love TV. I mean, I know I do. I don’t view moderate TV consumption as a lazy parenting thing; I view it as a sanity-preserving thing. My son loves TV […]