How to Have a Happy Haircut

It’s possible to have a happy haircut experience with your toddler.  If you would have told me that when Boy Wonder was a toddler I would have laughed in your face (and then cried a little).

I did some research (crazy, no? I usually make this crap up) and found a few solid tips and tricks to actually help your haircut-hating toddler.

Click here for information on how to have a happy haircut, oh – and to see what happened to Boy Wonder when I resorted to cutting his hair myself.


  1. Sadly, none of those suggestions would help with my little guy. He’s never been allowed to handle scissors so he doesn’t understand that they cause pain, so there’s no associated fear. He doesn’t know the word “cut” yet (I don’t think…), so the word isn’t what bothers him. I’m not sure what it is. We take him to my husband’s barber, who is very patient and kind, and he sits on Daddy’s lap with Mommy right there holding onto (and restraining, when necessary) him and helping to maneuver him. For some reason the whole experience is terrifying to him. I dread the first dentist visit, which I imagine will be so much worse…

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