I Want Your Embarrassing Toddler Photos!

Potty on a toilet? I don't think so.


I’m creating a slideshow on Babble’s Toddler Times of embarrassing toddler photos – you know, the ones you totally HAVE to take for future blackmail because they are just THAT good? I’m asking for your photos if you’re interested in contributing!

I know these awesome pics sometimes involve butt nudity but I’m not even gonna go there and get busted in some horrible child pornography ring or something so please don’t send those.  I don’t think I can blog from jail.

I’m requesting your pics by next Friday, 9/16 so if you can swing it and would like to participate, my slideshow would be so lucky!

Email them to me, won’t you? Yourmommyfriend@gmail.com

Thank you!


  1. So fun! I’m gonna have a look at the thousands of pictures I have of my son!

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