5 Critical Reasons to Add Fruits and Vegetables to Your Kid’s Meal

You already know fruits and vegetables are a necessary part of your family’s diet, but do you know why? I actually didn’t. All I knew was produce contained goodies that our bodies need to keep us healthy and strong. In an effort to understand why fruits and veggies are such a vital part of my […]

How to Get Your Couch Potato Kid to Play Outside this Summer

So your kid is lounge lizard just like mine, eh? Check out how to get your indoorsy kid to play outside this summer!

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids

When it comes to parenting, I feel like I’m always at war with at least one of the little peeps in my household. Even basic stuff like brushing teeth, bedtime, meals is cause for battle. When I really stopped to consider the battles worth fighting in my house, I came up with 7 that I […]

The 5 Second Rule: A Little Dirt Never Hurt Anybody?

You know your kids follow the “5 Second Rule” like it’s a religion but how do you feel about it? Click here to learn what the experts have to say about it, along with why I’m pretty sure they’re wrong.