5 Things Your Tween Needs Most [Video]

One look at my tween and you might think the thing my kid needs most is a haircut. While I’m inclined to agree with you, there are actually five things he needs even more and psst! They’re the same five things every tween and teen needs to be healthy and happy.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Kids

When it comes to parenting, I feel like I’m always at war with at least one of the little peeps in my household. Even basic stuff like brushing teeth, bedtime, meals is cause for battle. When I really stopped to consider the battles worth fighting in my house, I came up with 7 that I […]

6 Free Things Your Kids Want (and Need) More Than Anything

So often we obsess over all the wrong stuff when it comes to caring and providing for our kids. Check out this list of 6 free things your kids need more than anything and give yourself a great big hug. I’m finally starting to believe parenting doesn’t have to be so hard.